About Manhattan Dental Design

You won’t find a dentist anywhere in the Columbus Circle, Hell’s Kitchen and Central Park areas that provides a more robust service to families than Manhattan Dental Design. Our team members are trained in dental excellence for adults and children. Each and every patient is made to feel they are part of the family, making trips to your Columbus Circle dentist a much more pleasant experience.

Dr. Tchoi with team

We want to help educate you and your family in a relaxed and comfortable environment, as well as providing your essential dental treatments. At Manhattan Dental Design our aim is to provide treatments that are affordable and long lasting. Part of that effort includes educating patients of all ages on oral health and hygiene.

If you have an important event coming up and need your teeth looking their best, you will find that convenient scheduling at Manhattan Dental Design has you covered. Options such as emergency and same-day dentistry are available to all patients. If you need an appointment quickly, we will do everything we can to ensure that even treatments for the most severe dental emergencies are carried out in the shortest time frame possible.

Parents who want their children to embrace excellence in oral health need look no further than Manhattan Dental Design in Columbus Circle. Our team members love kids and help them take pride in the appearance of their teeth and gums. We want to watch your kids grow up with vibrant and healthy smiles.

To find out more about the Manhattan Dental Design experience we invite you to schedule an appointment so that you can visit our offices. We encourage you to bring your children along, too, so the entire family has the chance to meet our team and become part of the Manhattan Dental Design family.